Friday, January 21, 2011


          Some people are so generous with compliments that if compliments can kill, I would have died a long time ago. Just recently, someone murdered me with sweetness. Look below:

Thanks Dennis. I am beyond flattered. Just beyond!


Kai D. said...

naks. ganyan tlga sikat. :)

Nishiboy said...

naks namaaaan! =D

Lakwatsero Ako said...

pano ba mag sign up sa twitter ng ma follow din kita?

Di ako makapag post via windows live writer, nag error lagi sa wifi ko :(

can't post my interview with you yet.

DENASE said...

That's great having people admire you. I'm thinking you're some hot and cute gal soon to have a medical degree.

happy monday folk.

follow my blog here:

ayeesha MD said...

@ kai...ganyan talaga pag feelingera

@ nishiboy *blush*

@ jojo welcome to the Philippines where everything is bound to not work at some points

@denase , u are so correct there! lol. jk!