Monday, January 24, 2011


Just a quick post for today...

Jojo Lakwatsero featured moi in his blog as the Blogger of the week. he sent me a list of questions which are so fun to answer that i lolled at each question.

Click here to view the whole interview thing.

Next thing that I'd like to share today is Hijabi Hippie Hypo's Blogversary Contest. She's giving away some cute goodies so if interested click here. Happy anniv 3H, can't wait for my own blogversary which is like more than 10 months from now. More blog posts to come.


Nishiboy said...

nice nice. i enjoyed reading your interview. you probably don't need another person telling you this, but you're a smart girl. =D

Kamila said...

nabasa ko nga yung interview mo.. hahaahhh.. intriguing basahin

ayeesha MD said...

@ nishiboy, maybe i don't need to hear that, but whenever i do, i feel extremely kilig. lol

@kamila, intrigero c jojo e.