"Have a break, have a Kitkat."

No. This is not a paid post to advertise the ubiquitous Kitkat. That line, to me, sounds as pleasant as breakfast after a night of hedonistic dancing. And I badly need Kikat-ing. I mean, I need a break. Don't look up the dictionary. Kitkat-ing is not YET there, at least for the moment. You now me. I make up words. I'm the mad word doctor. I stitch words and make them into new beings that are, well, Frankensteinish.

I need a break. Really. This whole drama of having to be always armed with false humility or else I'd seem too cocky and this too much hand-shaking with people who don't really converse with me before needs to be stopped. Ok ok, I get it. You are proud of me. Or at least feels obligated to congratulate me. But hey, just cut the whole scene.

My days are so saturated with it. Can't we just go back to normal days? Don't put me on that pedestal. A single achievement doesn't qualify me to be there. You know I was NEVER the good student. Or that uncool kid who sticks his nose on his books and never gets tardy. That sociable trying-hard-to-be-famous-in-school-bitch who earns favors from teachers through PR. That overly competitive guy who matches his academic genius with kodigo genius (wala na kaming laban sayo!). That work horse who won't miss signing up in every campus organization there is to add up in his CV.

No. I was never that kind. I was the deviant one. And still is. The girl who will simply walk out the class when bored. The girl who won't sacrifice a minute of sleep just for an exam. I was never a good student. So don't praise me too much.

Taking exams has always been my forte. Maybe that's the only thing I'm good at. Like, I can't sing, dance, and go to school regularly. But give me an exam. Bang! Dead. Grade 6. I took the entrance test in the two best schools here. Bang! Top 1. Top 1. Both. Fourth year high school. Took the MSU-SASE. Bang! Top 2. Fouth year College. National Medical Admission Test. Boom! 99.

I repeat. I'm not a good student. But a good sponge. Better than Scotch-Brite and Sponge Bob combined because I am super-absorbent. You know what I mean.

See. It's not a surprise. Instead of bloating my already fat ego, help me by making me see my soft spots. I'm not all THAT. I easily lose balance. I easily fall into the trap of boredom. So let's stop this drama because I am already bored. Give me a Kitkat!

When I wake up tomorrow, I would be thinking of camwhoring, chemistry, and carpe diem-ing. Amen!



P.S. Pardon the egocentrism. It's MY blog remember? So raise your brow and get over it.