Last week, flights were cancelled all over Europe and some parts of
the US. Little did I know that Ice Queen would have interest in my
little town up here in Marawi City. I say up here because this city is
like 700 feet above sea level. Like Baguio and Tagaytay, the climate
is cooler than the rest of the country all year round. But yesterday
and this morning as I am typing these words on my mobile phone, Ice
Queen is wreaking havoc in my small town. Although we did not
experience snow or hail, my toes and ears would have frozen if i am
not wearing socks and a hoodie. Nasa Pilipinas pa ba ako? Even my
brain is freezing. Wala tuloy akong maisip na creative. It is just too
cold now that I wouldn't mind spending the day in bed.

But something happened that made my brain thaw more slowly. Mamang
turned on the water pump and put the hose into the washing machine
which contains my unrinsed clothes. So klaro kelangan kong bumangon or
else babaha. Nice tactic Mother Dear, you left me with no choice but
to get up and do the laundry in the unholy hour of 5:45 in the
freezing cold morning. Alabyu Nanay Ko, galing mo talaga. Umuusok na
ilong ko oh. Mother knows best kaya naisahan na naman ako. :))