papped - v. paparazzi-ed

(casually walking with my very good friend Shiro notr knowing that we were being papped already)

          Yesterday, the Japanese Pop star Shiro, arrived to our little town of Marawi. Naturally, the paparazzi will be tagging along with her.  Us, the pop star's friends dressed our best for the occassion in case the paps include us in their shots. Haha.

(the paps were too noisy that we noticed them after a while)


          Everything is fiction. The Pop star is really just my friend Shiro who is in town for a vacation. The Paps are our future-lawyer-friends Ben and Mahid. 'Twas an afternoon of delight. We dressed in our best to play our parts in the supposed come back of a pop star and to participate in a day of fashion war. I have more photos to post but my lappy isn't cooperating.  So the photos are from Mahid. Thanks Mahid.