Was watching TV Patrol last night and saw that in Benguet, the temperature dropped to 9.8 degrees Celcius. Farmers woke up to find that their fields of cabbage is covered with frost. I was like, wow, mayebe in a few days snow will be falling in the Philippines. Here in Marawi, I bet it's around 14-18 degrees.

Anyway, as much as I love the idea of building snowmen and riding a sleigh, I realized this whole winter fantasy of mine is a shame. An island girl like me cannot function well without the sun. I survived the sweater season in the States, when I was an exchange student in Northern Illinois University. But that's because of the things that made me adapt there. For example, doing the laundry is a breeze. I just walk into Junction, use their washing machines and dryers while I watch primetime TV on a huge flatscreen. Here in the Philippines, I do the laundry in a semi-open air area with a washing machine minus the dryer (the one that dries clothes with heat and not just by centrifugal force aka spinning). I thought I'd die of hypoglycemia yesterday when I did the laundry early in the morning. Another winter must-have is the heating system in the house. We are used to the aircon but I am yet to sea a heater in our country. The only way to warm myself that I
could think of is enclose myself in a cocoon of layers of sweaters and staying in bed, sipping scalding hot coffee while reading Dean Koont's for the nth time and blog-hopping.

Speaking of blog-hopping, I learned that there is so much talent in the Pinoy blogosphere. I promise to follow you all who followed me tomorrow. I'm still in a vacay + cocooning mode today and my browser doesn't support some features of Blogger.