Ten tenenenen! Here comes the TABA--The Annual (Kalsada) Blog Awards. I maybe a newbie in the blogosphere, like I started this blog on December 4 but I think I've already acquainted myself with some good bloggers. Anyone is eligible to nominate, so here are my nominees:

•Best Kikay Blog Design - Jaydee of http://jadey19.blogspot.com

Just visit her blog and you'll know why.

•Most Promising Blogger of the Year - Kamil of http://kamilkshake.blogspot.com

I love her posts. She always has something under her sleeves. Her perspective on everything is simply refreshing.

•Best in English Blogger of the Year - Kai of hijabified.co.cc

I like her way of writing. Structured and organized. Simple but drives the point home.

•Bibong Blogger of the Year - Jojo of http://lakwatseroako.blogspot.com

His posts tickles me. lol