The title alone is intriguing. Add the beautiful cover and one will itch to open this book. Written by Julie Anne Peters, this tells about Daelyn Rice, a teenage soul that is deep in the pit of misery. She went through a series of unsuccessful suicide attempts and she's now determined to get her death right.

Daelyn's downhill slide is a result of years of torment and embarrassment she received because of her weight and has suffered major psychological damage from being bullied. Eventually, she lost her raison d'etre, her desire to live. She starts visiting a website for "completers"— www. through-the-light .com. She discovers theThrough the Light website on accident, but finds it to be a welcome change of pace to the other suicide websites and discussion boards she's visited in the past. Instead of preaching and warning her against her decision, the website provides rational and informational posts and discussions about ending her life.

Daelyn is biding her time. She only has 23 days until her Date of Determination.

What will she do in her last 23 days? How will she end her life? I won't spoilt it for you guys because the thrill of the book is in knowing what will she do next. This is certainly a powerful eye-opener. Bullying can be a very ugly word.

Just like suicide.