Sunday, May 1, 2011


5 reasons why:

1. To differentiate myself from the two billion people who watched the Willia and Kate wedding.

2. I cannot stand anything that is associated with the idea that a girl suddenly becomes a somebody because of a prince charming.

3. I'd rather be curled up in my bed reading Gossip Girl which is currently my guilty pleasure.

4. I am too self-absorbed to be thinking about my own business and nobody else's.

5. Watching the wedding does not do anything for me.

Reason why I should have:


Seriously, give me one!


akaprocne said...


1. laughed at outlandish costumes the Brits came up with.
2. Kate's GOWN
3. Prince Harry stole the show (for me)
4. Prince William's BALDING HAIR

Haven't watched then but its just the history of British monarchy.. after 350 years, a 'commoner' was allowed to marry into royalty. That got me interested.

emopunkprinz said...

nakapan0od rin ako accidentally dahil sa recap nina Sam at Anne sa ABS. :)

Lakwatsero Ako said...

@akaprocne - I thought Princess D was a "commoner?"

I didn't watch too. I really didn't know whats the fuss is all about.

Though I read somewhere that they met in a fashion show. Kate was doing catwalk wearing a lingerie.

wattaway to grab a prince's attention

aka Procne said...

@Lakwatsero Ako No Princess D wasn't. She was a Spencer, royal blood. Her wedding was arranged and sadly did not last long.

ayeesha said...

@procne... 1. the hats? no thanks. 2. i've seen pics of the gown and i thought it is ok. 3. is he that cute? 4. but william is still young! lol

...i felt that the royalty is not that relevant anymore. parang mascot na lang sila ng UK.

ayeesha said...

@emopunk... so hindi talaga sinadya ha?

@jojo...procne is right, princess di is royal by blood.