When the 9/11 strike happened, I was in awe that the United States of America, the most powerful country in the world is actually defenseless, which to me betrays the logic. How come that they were not able to intercept the airplanes? They got the most sophisticated military, didn't they? Moments later, a picture of a bearded man danced in our TV sets. Really? This man has that capabilities? Really? There was already a suspect minutes after the incident?

Before I could even blink my eye, US troops came marching to Afghanistan leaving the country with countless orphans. (Haven't you read Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini?) Later on, it was Iraq which they attack because of weapons of mass destruction. Where are those weapons now? A decade after, Osama died. So it actually took them ten awful years to catch the man.

I am not happy at all. Because I am not convinced that everything that happened between 9/11 and today is not staged. Because today, anti-terrorism is synonymous with Islamophobia. Because USA's revenge is way too much. They lost 2 buildings and hundred of lives. In return, they destroyed thousands of home and killed thousands of civilians.

Does an American equals to a thousand Afghans?