Saturday, September 24, 2011


We, the young filmmakers and film enthusiasts of Lanao del Sur, are very honored and grateful for having met and mentored by Raymond Lee, one of the best, if not the best, screenwriters of our time. We had a two day workshp entitled Introduction to Writing at Mamitua Saber Research Center. I have learn so much in those two days than I thought I would ever would have about screenwriting. It is more complicated than most of us thinks. And so much fun too.Thank you so much Raymond Lee for sparing us your time. And the National Film Development Council of the Philippines for this opportunity. And to our beloved First Lady of Lanao del Sur, Madamme Raifah Rakiin Adiong who has always been very supportive of the youth and the arts.

Raymond is so humble and sown to earth, I wish I had more time with him. Have I mentioned that he is indeed very brilliant that his achievements are no surprise. He wrote Anak, Tanging Yaman, and Milan among his many box office hit movies.

It was a intimate workshop, conducive to wringing out the creative juices out of us.

That's me in grey scarf.

Kuya Pogs Zacaria, the first place winner of the FDCP Lanao del Sur Short Fil Competition.

We received certificates. Yey! From left to right: Madamme Raifah Adiong, raymond Lee, moi, and Princess Pacasum of the FDCP.

The luck few. :)

We are thinking about joining the National Film Competition. Malay niyo...

This is the point in my life where I am asking myself whether I am setting aside my writing and filmmaking ambitions as merely hobby or to pursue them full time. When fate brings you closer to what you really want... is it even right to turn away?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

[[ FRAGILE 4 ]]

                This uneasy feeling in my gut that probably falls under the premises of guilt made me spend an entire afternoon writing this letter. What are the right words to say when what we want to say feels wrong? How are we supposed to break hearts graciously? How do we say painful words in the sweetest way? Here goes the letter…
                Dear Dear,
                I should say this personally but my cowardice got the best of me. I may stutter and say the wrong words then. Saying the right words in the right way may not even matter now but I believe that I have to do this in the best possible way I could.
                What I want to say is…
                that we can’t be together.
                Remember those days when we were getting to know each other? We were happy. I was happy. Because somebody found me, somebody loved me. You did your best to put back together what was once broken.
                A week ago, I found out about a girl HE is very fond of. That’s when I knew that we can’t be together because I wanted to be that girl HE has his eye on. I guess I still love him. Because it still hurts. Because I still daydream of the day we’ll meet again. Because my passwords are still based on his name. Because he makes me feel so lonely and being with you doesn’t make a difference. I still feel lonely.
                I am sorry. Maybe it’s time to stop wooing me. I don’t deserve your love. I wanted to believe that I’ll learn how to love you, but it never happened. I can’t let our story drag for long when I know we’ll just end up hurting each other. You are a great guy, when the right girl comes along, you’ll see that she’ll love you more than I could.
                I am hoping that you’ll understand, because you know what it’s like to love someone. It doesn’t matter if they love us back, as long as we feel that pain of wanting them that makes life sweeter. It doesn’t matter if we get wasted crying over them at night when we wake up in the morning inspired to make their dreams come true for them. We are fragile yet strong, wise yet foolish, sensitive but numb, impatient but perseverant, needy but generous, empty but complete.
                Surely hesitant,

(Need I remind you again that this is but a fiction? :D )

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


One summer while I was in Illinois, there was this group of students who were promoting a spring break event. They gave yellow pens, paper clips, and even Frisbees to passersby. Those items were personalized, on them were messages pertaining to the event that they were promoting. I thought that was a great way of advertising. Hey, when you receive those items, it will surely be difficult to shake off the thought of how great that event must be because their promotional giveaways are amazing too,
So that was ages ago when I haven’t learned the power of the World Wide Web.
Anyway, my blogversary is like three months from now and already I am thinking about you know, giveaways like every respectable blogger does. However, I don’t know what sort of things my readers will appreciate or would love to receive. So my thoughts went down memory lane to that time that I got promotional items for that spring break event. How about something useful that will benefit my followers, which is personalized with something that will promote my blog like the go promos ink pens that are very good for note taking. Perhaps a mug printed with the logo and url of my blog.
What do you think? Any suggestions?