Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ask Ayee #1

Let's take a break from all the bad news that I have been covering in the past few days. My stress level is off the roof, I need a dose of anything not-so-serious. Fortunately, I received a mail via my Ask Me Anything page from reader Maia.


1. So, Ayee, do you pray? Five times a day?

I do pray, not necessarily 5 times a day. Some days, I can complete my daily prayers, some days my score can dip to zero. I don't want to make an excuse. Yes my work is tough but that's not it. Faith is like the tides. Some days my faith is strong, I can will myself to pray despite everything. Some days, my Imaan weakens, I get lazy. That's not a good thing. May Allah swt, the Merciful, forgive us.

2. What do you think of on and off hijabis?

I was an on and off hijabi before I committed full time. I can speak for myself that covering up is not easy especially if you are just starting. It's a lifestyle change. The fact that a girl already makes an effort to put it on is commendable. When they take it off, let's not judge na lang. We don't know what struggles they go through. In shaa Allah, those with the right intention will be able to transition from on and off to full-time.

3. Define modesty.

Wag na yaaaan. 😜

4. What's your advice to younger ones than you in academics and in life in general?

Just two things babe: 1. sundin ang payo ng mga magulang. I learned it the hard way. Some things in life, only those old enough to have wisdom will understand. Their advice are from their own experience. 2. Know your passion. Enroll in the course that you truly love. You won't be as happy if you study something na napilitan ka lang.

5. Do you seek for a total independent Bansamoro state?

No, I don't. I was born a Filipino and that is something that is already a part of me. I love my country, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. But I do wish for a more autonomous region where Sharia can be implemented well if not completely.

6. What are your I wish I had and I wish I were?

I wish I had more time with my Papang so I can fully show him my gratefulness for raising us with integrity. He is but a simple man, but he is the greatest man I know.

I wish I were prettier. Charot! Pero di nga. LOL

7. Professional or Ulama leader?

Someone who is both an ulama and a professional. Right now I am thinking of the likes of Dr. Hamid Barra. An may be morally upright and knows all the rulings of Shariah but he may not have the technical and scientific knowledge to be able to adapt to the modern times. A professional my not have the moral compass of a true Muslim, he may just lead the people astray. Dapat balance.

Maia thank you for dropping by. I had fun answering. Shukran. 💛, Ayee

Monday, February 22, 2016

Alleged kidnappers nabbed in Marawi, 1 killed, 3 wounded

 photo BeautyPlus_20160222071900_save1_zpsypq9etcs.jpg
I have more graphic photos of the crime scene, but since this is a personal blog, I chose not to publicize them.
MARAWI CITY--One of the kidnappers of 7 year old victim and his nanny was killed and three of his company have been wounded after a shootout incident in Matampay, Marawi City right in front of Jamiatul Muslim Mindanao As-Islamiah Foundation School around 6:30 on February 19, 2016. However, one male unidentified suspect with short firearm escaped arrest.

Initial investigation revealed, according to a police report, that when rescue team composed of PNP team lead by PSUPT. Erwin Bayani Meneses, CIU personnel, RID PRO 10, 103rd Special Action Coy, 1st Special Action Battalion, Anti-Kidnapping Group and Special Action Force, tailed the suspects on board a white Toyota FX, the suspects suddenly stopped at Baranggay Matampay and fired upon the two Innova vans boarded by the PNP team.

Police Superintendent Roel Lami-ing of Marawi Police reported that the PNP team retaliated and resulted to the death of one of the suspects identified as Jun Nasher Barao and wounding of three of his company. 
According to PSupt. Lami-ing, minutes after the incident, Marawi City Police Station led by him, PPSC, Lanao del Sur PPO led by PSupt. Nasser Balindong, B Coy 65th Infantry Battalion let by 1Lt. Jefel Larita immediately responded to the crime scene.

According to one RPSB ARMM personnel who also responded to the incident, all injured in the incident were rushed in the nearby hospital. He also said the police recovered ransom money, getaway car, one caliber 45 pistol, one caliber 38 revolver, and one hand grenade from the crime scene. 

 The victims were rescued unharmed

Friday, February 12, 2016

LP Presidential candidate Mar Roxas tries to win the votes of Iligan City residents who dumped him in favor or VP Binay during the 2010 elections

In his first stop during his visit around Iligan and Misamis Oriental today (February 3), Mar Roxas met with local leaders and residents in Iligan City.

He attended a multi-sectoral assembly at the Congressional District Field office in Pala-o, Iligan City where he served as the guest of honor and keynote speaker.

Members of different sectors--transport group, religious leaders, and indigenous people came to see Roxas and show their support.

Local leaders including Cong. Vicente Belmonte Jr. of the lone district of Iligan, former Iligan mayor Lawrence Cruz, Vice Mayor  Rudy Marzo and ARMM Gov. Mujiv Hataman came to the assembly.  
Iligan City is important to Mar Roxas because he was number one here when he ran for senator, said Iligan vice-mayor and mayoralty candidate Rudy Marzo following the visit of Liberal Party presidential bet Mar Roxas yesterday (February 3) to meet residents and LP local candidates in Iligan City.

When asked about Mar's candidacy as vice-president in 2010, Marzo said that Mar did not win in Iligan because vice-presidency is not his rightful place. The campaign concentrated on the LP presidential candidate and the people forgot him, he added.

Marzo also said that Duterte is the biggest threat to Mar in Iligan. 

However, Marzo added that Iligan is a bailiwick of Liberal Party because most of the prominent politicians are under LP.
Iligan City plus the twenty-two municipalities of the province of Lanao del Norte hold half a million votes.

US Ambassador says US supports the peace process

MARAWI CITY, February 4, 2016--During his visit in Mindanao State University, Marawi City, His Excellency US Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg expressed the support of the United States to the peace process in Mindanao.
In his speech during the Opening Ceremony of the ACCESS Program, a US Embassy-sponsored microscholarship in Lanao del Sur, Goldberg said that the support of the US in the peace process is not just in words but through the deeds in carrying out projects trying to help the population and develop the youth in the region.
Goldberg said as a rection to the  MILF statement that the failure of the passage of BBL can cause radicalization of the Moro that "The people in this region, the people of the Philippines want peace in Mindanao. And so, while we don't take a position as a foreign embassy on domestic legislation like the BBL, we certainly have done things to try to underpin the peace process to try to help people in this region and we hope that everybody rededicates themselves to the peace process and find way forward. And that's for Filipinos to work out and we will support that process."
The President of Mindanao State University System, Dr. Macapado Muslim, expressed gratitude to the United States. He said that if MSU became the second strongest state university in the country, that is because of the good beginning of the university in the 60s which was anchored largely on the support of the United States government.
Moreover, Muslim reiterated that America is a dependable ally of the Bangsamoro people and as a payback, he told Goldberg, to expect their continuing support of the US government initiatives in Mindanao.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Protesters in Marawi: ‘Noynoy traydor’

Around 5,000 protesters flocked to Marawi City, Lanao del Sur yesterday, February 1, in a rally that they call the Declaration of the Day of Betrayal as a reaction to the failure of the Congress to pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law. Present in the rally are LGU officials, Marawi City Mayor Fahad Salic, Muslim and Christian religious leaders, United Bangsamoro Justice Party, Saksi Islamic Radio Forum, youth groups, women groups, and civil society organizations.

According to the manifesto coming from the organizers of the rally, they are calling on the leadership of both the Senate and the House of Representatives to firmly resolve, once and for all, the Bangsamoro peace issue. They say that the time is now and not later because the national stability is at stake and they fear the radicalization of the Bangsamoro youth.

In an interview with Lanao del Sur Former Congressman Benasing Macarambon, he confirms the emergence of radical groups in Mindanao particularly ISIS.

Macarambon also said that although he tells his constituents that President Aquino is sincere, the problem is that the Bangsamoro people do not believe PNoy anymore. The protesters even chanted a song about how PNoy did not honor his words and therefore a traitor.

Drieza Lininding, secretary general of Bangsamoro Movement for Peace and Development, said that for him, the non-passage of the BBL is not the fault of the legislators alone but of the President as well.

Now that the BBL is derailed, the protesters are asking where all the time and effort in deliberating the BBL went. They are questioning the sincerity of the government in the peace process. And they are now calling not just for the passage of BBL but for independence instead.