Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Music of My Youth

New Found Glory

One of the signs that tells me that I am no longer, you know.. young, is that whenever I listen to the radio, I don't know the song playing half of the time. Gone are the days when a song plays and the world stops for a few minutes because damn, that's song is my jam!

This morning I tried to think about the bands I used to love. Above photo is New Found Glory. I love their covers of love songs turned to punk. Their track My Friends Over You is one of my clique's songs, other than Red Hot Chili Pepper's Zephyr Song and Parokya's Saan Man Patungo.

Blink 182

Blink 182 made the funniest music videos of our time. Small Things is now a classic. Just saying the world classic makes me feel old. However, my most favorite Blink 182 Song is Adam's Song. It's sad. It gives me the feels.

Bowling for Soup

 What band is in the above photo? I doubt that you know. Bowling for Soup! Weird band name eh? They are less popular in the Philippines, I guess. They're my secret band that I didn't talk about much, because I thought they're too cute to sahare. Haha!


I will always remember Finch for their Letters to You. It reeks of desperation of young love, and the intensity of the feeling of missing someone. The guitars in the intro is so unique to the band. And the screams and growls make it the perfect I-miss-you song.
 Linkin Park

And last but not the least, Linkin Park was the awesomest of them all. The mix of rock and rap, and the turntable effects was so new at that time, and the good looks of the young band members was a lethal combo. They dominated the airwaves hit after hit.

Perhaps my choice of music back then was one of the reasons I cannot relate to my peers. While they were collecting posters of Meteor Garden, I kept a stack of photos of rock stars with their mysterious looks, sexy guitars like this relic telecaster, and that aura of primal appeal. 

However, whenever I listen to their songs these days, I don't feel the way I used to before. Now I want to listen to more mellow tones. Yes, I concede, I know, I know, I am getting old. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Ask Ayee #2

I'm answering these three already. I don't want to make these Anons to wait for too long.

1. Are you still single or married? -Anonoymous

I am not married anymore. So I am back to being single.

2. I have read from a post of a Muslim friend that engaging in war to spread Islam is fine. Is it true? -Anonymous

 No, I do not think that warring with non-Muslims to spread Islam is okay. What is rightful, as far as I know is to assert that the land be governed in an Islamic way. For example, the cause of the Bangsamoro people. Other than the grievances, the injustices of the government towards the Muslims in Mindanao, it is right that the people fight for their right to live in an Islamic way. Part of that life is be ruled by Shariah Law. As Muslims, we should always choose the peaceful path. If we need to fight, war should be the least among all possible options. The battlefield is not the only place to win the war.

3. What is your opinion on arranged marriage? -Anonymous

I abhor arranged marriages. May I stress the abhor word more?  Hate hate hate it for one simple reason: it is your life, you make your own decisions. Unless you have the balls to choose who you want to lie in bed with (sorry for the blunt words) for the rest of your life, then you are not ready to marry. Grow a pair first. The essence of marriage contract in Islam is consent, as they say, every fiber of your being, all seven layers, must agree to marry the other person. Now if the marriage is merely arranged, what are the chances that you will consent to it with all your heart and soul?

If you feel like asking me, kahit anong topic pa yan, go to the ask me anything tab on top of the page, or just comment here.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Youtube Channel

Perhaps it is a standard for bloggers to have a Youtube Channel. I just had to jump into the bandwagon. The truth is, my channel is where I dump video footage of stories I covered. So most of them aren't really worth your time. However, I still mean to upload better videos in the future, more personal ones

I have nothing better to do today so I made a welcome video for my Youtube channel. I'm a bit self-conscious about the way I speak. But I just had to try and see where this goes.

Please be kind to the noob Youtuber.

And yes, I have to get a new lens.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

5 Ways I Healed a Broken Heart

It is not a secret that I went through a major crisis in my life in the second quarter of last year. I'd rather keep the details under wraps because airing dirty laundry is not my cup of tea. Instead, I am sharing pieces of advice for all the lovely ones out there who are asking how did I manage it. What is the secret recipe to moving on?

(I have received messages from friends, asking for advice. They say just a few months from the heartbreak, I have bounced back looking very happy, really happy not pretend happy. So I thought I might as well write down what I usually tell them as a response.)

1. Know when the battle is over.

At a certain point, a relationship has broken down enough that it is beyond repair. Although you are blinded by love, strive to see past you and him and see the relationship under a more objective light. What are the signs that it is beyond hope? Ask yourself these questions: Do we still trust each other? Did he choose someone or something (career, hobby, vices, etc.) over me? Do my friends and family support us, or at least like him? Am I willing to settle for this setup for the rest of my life? If you answered no to any of the questions above, chances are you two are heading to the ruins. Recognize the symptoms. Know that it is time to stop fighting for the relationship. It is time to ease your grip and let it go.

2. Mourn.

A lot of people will advice that the best way is to keep busy and keep your mind off the pain. But trust me on this: please take time to mourn. Feel the pain. Unless you go through this step, you will end up with sorrowful feelings towards the person even after several years. Cry it out. Listen to heartbreak songs. Stay in bed for days. It may take a while, but after all the pent-up emotions have been released, it is time to start the healing process.

3. Rediscover yourself.

Having a significant other can mean being heavily influenced by another human being. Some women actually lose their personality over the course of a relationship as they have deeply integrated their habits and interests with their partners. After losing him, you will feel that a big chunk of you has been amputated from your own flesh. It is normal. This is the time to rediscover yourself. Remember who you were before him. Did you always wanted to paint? Were you always dreaming of spending a weekend alone overseas? What else do you want to achieve right now and in the next 3 years?

4. Embrace the possibilities. Work. Achieve.

After spending weeks sitting around brooding, it is time to get that ass off the bed and get out the door. Slowly build positive habits that can up your game. Take care of yourself. Magpaganda ka teh! Put on your gym clothes and sweat all your frustrations off. Reconnect with your friends. In trying times, friends are your best support group. Bond with your family. Love from friends and family works wonders. Work harder. Or find a job you have always dreamed of. Every little achievement will mend your broken self-esteem. So load up on achieving you goals, one step at a time. Learn to do things for you own happiness.

5. Above all, leave everything to Allah SWT.

Nothing is more comforting than the knowledge that everything has already been ordained for you. Be happy in whatever circumstance your in because your Lord knows what is best for you, including this heartbreak. Like a pencil, you need to undergo sharpening to reveal your truest potential. Trust Him. Cry it all out to Him. He will put back all the pieces together even if you are shattered to a thousand pieces. He is the Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Alhamdulillah!

Just let it go. The end of a relationship is not the end of you. There are more wonderful things that will happen in your life, In Shaa Allah. You will be alright.