I started this blog in december 2010 to have a space and a voice in the cyber world.

          I don't see things the way they really are. I always find myself smiling every time I pass by the bridge that has a good view of the lake. I read everything I can get my eyes on and take pleasure in contemplating on the quirkiest prose and poetry. I have big fat shameless hope for myself. I have the worst mood swings. I love dressing up every day and experimenting with clothes.  I enjoy eating out alone with a good book for company as much as I enjoy good conversations over coffee and pastries. I'm not exactly your stereotypical cheerful miss little sunshine but I just have to wear  rose-tinted glasses. I love that I can share all these things to many people wherever they are on our lonely planet. I am absolutely thrilled with the idea that somewhere halfway around the world, someone may end up here and know that I am HERE.

          No, this is not going to be a Big Brother-ish lifecast. I won't be posting anything negative or too personal because I'm not a celebrity so I don't expect anyone to try poking at my dirty laundry.. Reality is already saturated with the bad and ugly so I'd rather keep this blog bad and ugly-proof. I don't want anyone feeling a little less chirpy after reading my pages. Instead, I seek to inspire others to see things in an out-of-box way and make every moment like a scene straight out of the movies--a liitle more than ordinary.

          I have so much to learn and catching up to do. I am very much delighted with the feedbacks I receive. They will keep me going, for sure. So thank you. Merci beaucoup. Maraming salamat for dropping by and taking time to surf my little sea-blog.