In the world of music, an artist's  instrument can become as icinic as he is. It's like the guitar becomes one as the artist that one cannot exist without the other. The choice of guitar conveys much of the artist's personality. It is an extension of himself.

Let's take two famous guitars in history that I covet:
Prince’s “Cloud” which was originally custom-built by Minneapolis luthier David Rusan in 1983, the guitar was featured prominently in Prince’s Purple Rain film. Though some fans might argue in favor of his symbol guitar, the Cloud just looks sexier, more like something a regular musician might actually want to play.
Kurt Cobain’s Fender Jag-Stang had a fair share of guitars played throughout the band’s career, a couple of the Fender models he played tend to stand out: the Jaguar and the Mustang. Rather than having to pick either one of those, it’s only natural to feature the Jag-Stang, Cobain’s very own combination of both guitars. As the story goes, Kurt designed the guitar himself via a montage of polaroid photos.
It is clear that choosing the right guitar is important. But where do you look? You can start by searching for a reputable guitar store. Some even offer classes to help you in your craft.