I had secretly and somewhat shamefully been on the search for what felt like an ever elusive pair of perfect denim leggings.

If you’ve learned one thing from reading my blog, it is that I’m quite the lazy dresser. I dislike thinking too much about what I have to wear or feeling uncomfortable. Denim leggings? Right up my alley.
My goal was to find jeggings that could be a viable substitute for jeans. Impossible? Maybe. But was I going to try and find them? Absolutely.

I finally happened upon a pair of Bench( or was that from another local brand?) jeggings from a recent trip to CDO and I love them! They’re definitely not as good as regular premium denim and I would never wear them without a shirt covering my ‘hind parts (well actually, I shouldn’t say “never” ‘cause I probably will). But I can’t resist how easy they are to wear and how comfortable they feel.

They are definitely worth the small investment for a pair that will last more than few washes. Fashion-forward J Brand also makes a pair that feels a little more like leggings than jeans and are a little pricier, but super comfortable they say. Gap also has a few styles.

All I know is that these should be a permanent staple in my wardrobe and I should not be ashamed! I almost wonder if the people that so vocally dislike jeggings have ever put them on. Okay, so maybe they’re a little “tacky” but someone else’s tacky is another person’s chic.

But at the end of the jeggings hunt, i didn't find the perfect one so I settled on the smallEST Penshoppe skinny jeans I could find. The one below.