I don't assume to be a photographer nor a real fashionista. However, there are those times when we want to play dress up and. It is so cool if you know someone close to you who is damn good in photography. But what if you onlly have you and your usual point-and-shoot digital camera (which is always the case for me)?

Don't fret, the timer feature of many cameras always saves the day. Here are some tips from a non-pro:

1. If you don't have good lighting, shooting outdoors is a good idea. Especially when it is in the morning when the sunshine has this white softness in it. Haven't you noticed that most photographers shoot street fashion in broad daylight? Because cameras depend on light for quality. Point-an-shoot cameras will give you this grainy look if you shoot at night, or the colors of your clothes won't be as vivid.

2. If you do not own a tripod(I don't have one either) get a chair or anything stable to mount your camera on. Make a test shot to see the lighting and the right distance for you to pose. When it is too bright, adjust the exposure. When it is gloomy, some cameras have photo filters. Make sure too that where you'll stand to pose will show you head to toe. Remember, the shoe is like 40% of the outfit. lol

3. When you're ready, set the timer for ten seconds. That will give you enough time to pose, To be "in the moment" when shooting, see the signals that the camera gives that it is like seconds away before it shoots. My camera beeps once every 9 seconds, and then beep like 5 times before its aperture opens. It has the light too that is in sync withe the beeping which is helpful when you have difficulty hearing the beeps especially when you are somewhere noisy.

4. Lastly, a little help from Photoshop doesn't hurt either. What I usually do is adjust brightness and contrast, highlights and shadows, and the exposure. That is enough to give a vivid fashion photograph all by yourself. But sometimes, I just desaturate(make into grayscale) for a little drama. 

This just make me wish for a decent SLR. Happy pictorial peeps!