1.  You may have a talent in music that you have yet to discover. Having muscian friends can help you unlock that potental. They can guide you in choosing the best gears to start with. Or you yourself is already playing an instrument. Your musiccian friends can help you hone that talent.

2. Having musician friends means always having someone with a unique taste to enrich your playlist. You do not have to rely on radios that usually fill your playlist with whatever that is popular.

3. Having musician friends means having instant entertainment all the time. You can't possibly get bored when in the company of people who can provide live entertainment any time.

4. Musician friends live for emotions and feelings. That means you can be honest with them with your truest self. Who knows, your story can inspire them to write a song or a melody. 

5. They will teach you living life in the moment. Musicians feel deeply. They have a grasp of reality that is different from regular people. Thus, having them around makes life so much more liveable and interesting.